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New England DME Supplier of FreeStyle Libre CGM Systems, Dexcom, Tandem t:slim X2, the Beta Bionics iLet Bionic Pancreas, and the MiniMed 780g insulin pump system.

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Who we are

Reliable Diabetes Care is an independently-owned CGM and Insulin Pump supplier headquartered outside of Boston (off Route 1 in Norwood), servicing patients living with Diabetes throughout New England.

We are in-network with most major health insurances, Medicare, and each state's Medicaid program. We have locations and field reps in each New England state.

We combine strong product and insurance expertise with kind and compassionate staff to deliver prompt and quality service to both patients and providers.

Our trusted brands

Reliable Diabetes Care is an authorized distributor of Tandem t:slim X2 pumps and supplier of Dexcom and FreeStyle Libre CGM Systems, the Beta Bionics iLet Bionic Pancreas, and Medtronic diabetes products.