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Mobi Insulin Pump System

Mobi Insulin Pump System

Tandem Mobi is the world’s smallest, durable automated insulin delivery system.1 Because it’s controllable with a compatible, personal iPhone* – and can be worn on-body, in a pocket, or clipped to clothing – it offers more options for discretion, comfort, and wearability than ever before. Plus, it’s powered by Control-IQ — the same advanced hybrid closed-loop technology that makes the t:slim X2 pump the #1 rated automated insulin delivery system.2


  • Control-IQ Technology
    • Predicts and helps prevent highs and lows
  • Mobile Control
    • Controllable with a compatible personal iPhone (sold separately)
  • Wireless Data Uploads & Software Updates
    • Access to personal therapy date & future software updates
  • Enhanced Wearability
    • Can be worn on-body, in a pocket, or clipped on clothing
  • Water-Resistant
    • Tested at 8 feet for up to 2 hours
  • Pump Button
    • The Tandem Mobi system has a physical Pump button and an LED Status Indicator that makes a bolus quick and convenient, while also serving as a backup in case something happens to the iPhone controlling the pump.
  • Wireless charging

Footnote: *The mobile app requires a compatible iPhone model and operating system (sold separately). Only available to pump users who reside in the United States. A complete list of compatible iPhones will be released closer to commercial availability.

References: 1. Data on file as of August, 2023, Tandem Diabetes Care. 2. dQ&A US Q2 2023 (Apr-Jun 2023) Diabetes Connections Patient Panel Report.

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