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Beta Bionics

iLet Bionic Pancreas

iLet Bionic Pancreas

The iLet Bionic Pancreas is the first and only, automated insulin-delivery system that determines 100% of all insulin doses. It reduces the need to make decisions about your diabetes management – because it makes the decisions for you.

What is a bionic pancreas?
It’s the future of insulin therapy

No more:
• Carb counting*
• Carb ratios
• Correction factors
• Pre-set basal rates

or any other settings that may be overwhelming about other insulin delivery devices.

The iLet only needs one number – your weight.

After startup, the iLet learns about YOU – your basal insulin needs, how to correct you to target, and how much insulin you need for your meals. The goal of the iLet is to reduce the burden of diabetes management.

The iLet Bionic Pancreas automatically adjusts to your insulin needs so you don’t have to.

*User must be carb aware


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