Omnipod Insulin Pump

Omnipod Insulin Pump

The Omnipod® wearable systems offer Pod-based insulin management to help you keep diabetes where you want it—in the background. A wireless, waterproof,* concealable alternative to traditional pumps that gives you the freedom to simplify every day with diabetes. Get ready for a life without tubes or daily injections.

Two-part insulin management system

The Pod

  • Small device you fill with insulin & wear directly on your body
  • Includes small, flexible cannula that inserts with the push of a button
  • The Pod communicates wirelessly with the Personal Diabetes Manager to program insulin delivery
  • 3-day wear time

The Personal Diabetes Manager

  • Wirelessly manages your insulin based on programmed settings
  • Has a built-in FreeStyle blood glucose (BG) meter
  • Information from the Personal Diabetes Manager can be uploaded directly to Insulet’s comprehensive data management software


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